Grab Contents and take Notes with ease as you go about your day.
Make Note-taking a by-product of your main task without getting distracted from your current main goal.

Goals and Objectives

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Note-taking while doing research or reading or investigation should be a by-product of the main task. switching mode should be controlled to prevent distraction from the main task. Hence note-taking should be seamless and less distractive.

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In Peace With Forgetting

Easy to spin up to grab content and take notes to reduce procrastination. Hence every worth knowledge is archive and jotted down to be in peace with forgetting

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Trapped in

Simple UI and workflow to ensure the user is never trapped while taking notes. Ensure the user falls back to the main task immediately after quick note-taking

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Embrace mental model of capturing information atomically and backing it up with your insight.

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A Stone Throw Away

keep track of note per website and youtube videos re your note is always with a stone throw away.

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Extended memory with AI in the loop

Query, chat and create flash card with your archived knowledge for quick insight

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Organize with little effort

Minimize effort in moving things around and ensure note organization is with less to no effort.

Basic Workflow

1. Activate Archive Editor

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2. Commit Your Note

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3. View Your Note

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Some features that are supported

Subscription Base

We plan of adding subscription for the next version 1.0; to include AI (LLM) and database (yet to be decided as we currently use github fs and api)

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